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Trouble for Chromecast owners as update misfires

A recent firmware update for Chromecast has erroneously transferred some users across to the less reliable beta channel, without their permission. As a result, there have been a number of complaints on the official Chromecast Help forum that the media stick no longer functions well with a number of popular apps.

The titles that have reportedly been affected include some of the apps that are amongst the most widely used with Chromecast. Users have complained about experiencing difficulties with YouTube, Plex and HBO Go.

Checking whether your Chromecast dongle has been moved to the beta channel is straightforward enough. Users report that the following text is displayed along the bottom of the wallpaper screen:

( Build=1.14.32904, IP=192.168.x.xx, Channel=beta-channel

So users supposed to be on stable channel firmware (the vast majority of Chromecast owners) who do not see the aforementioned message on their wallpaper should not experience the problems that have been reported.

For anyone who has been affected, the good news is that Google are aware of the problem. A Google representative has responded on the Chromecast Help forum by saying that the company is pushing a fix to those that have been affected.

“We’ve recently updated Chromecast and a small percentage of users received a debug message on the home screen,” a Google representative confirmed. “This update should not have any material negative user impact.

“We are pushing a fix to those impacted users shortly.”

It is somewhat curious that the Google representative stated that the erroneous update should have had no ‘material negative user impact’. This is a pretty vague phrase, and some users have certainly reported noteworthy issues after involuntarily being switched to the beta channel.

For those affected, however, the main concern will be rectifying the problem, and Google have reacted quickly to do this.

Anyone waiting for an over-the-air update to resolve the issue should be able to get their Chromecast to download the fix by way of a simple reboot. In order to do this, open the Chromecast app, tap on the settings icon, tap on the menu (the three ellipses in the top right-hard corner), and select ‘Reboot Chromecast’.

It is not clear how many Chromecast owners have been affected, although most of those reporting the issue are from the UK.

[via Chromecast Help Forum]