Twitter Lite

Twitter offer big data savings with new mobile website

Twitter has launched a new mobile web experience, promising to deliver a reduction in data usage of up to 70 percent. The company claims that the website will still offer many of the essential features of a mobile app, while being better suited to slower and more expensive connections.

The new service, called Twitter Lite, is available at As well as using less data, Twitter says that the new client is also faster, with quicker launch times and more rapid navigation.

In the past, mobile websites have meant a more limited service. But thanks to modern browsers, Twitter has been able to retain features that are more closely associated with mobile apps.

Using a browser like Chrome, it will be possible to receive a variety of push notifications via Twitter Lite.

Twitter said that it is introducing the new lightweight service because although there has been a big increase in smartphone adoption, 2G networks are still used to deliver 45% of mobile connections.