LG Smart Lamp

Would you switch to LG’s new €23 light bulb?

In recent years there has been an increasing number of products launched which allow homes to be controlled from a smartphone. Now LG hopes to revolutionise a common household consumable, with a new generation of light bulbs capable of connecting with Android and iOS devices.

The benefits of the new LG Smart Lamp range are certainly varied, offering everything from additional security to better house parties (Android Wafer is sure the neighbours will be delighted). The new bulbs are compatible with devices running Android 4.3+ and iOS 6.0+.

A security mode is designed to give the impression that a property is occupied, even when the owners are away on holiday.

The LG smart bulb can even adjust its brightness to match the mood of music being played by a smartphone, as well as blinking in time to the beat. However, the ability to turn your home into a pseudo nightclub is only available via Android devices at launch.

Initially, the bulbs will go on sale in LG’s domestic market, costing 35,000 South Korean won (approximately €23/£20). Given the price, kitting out an entire house with the new LG smart bulbs could prove quite costly.

There are some features to make the price slightly more palatable, though. LG claim tat the smart bulbs will result in energy savings of 80%, and they will also last for over 10 years if used for five hours per day.

It is worth noting that the 80% energy saving is in comparison to traditional incandescent bulbs, which are already being phased out across the EU.

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