Xiaomi Google I/O teaser

Xiaomi reveal Google I/O involvement

Naturally enough, there has been a wide range of rumours swirling ahead of this year’s Google I/O, to the point where the prospect of a genuine surprise seemed highly unlikely. But it appears that the unexpected is going to take place, after Xiaomi CEO Hugo Barra confirmed that the Chinese company would have a role at this year’s development conference.

Barra made the announcement that Xiaomi would be involved in Google I/O via Twitter. He did not reveal all, however, instead posting a somewhat cryptic tweet, which included an unexplained image.

Predictably, Barra’s tweet has resulted in considerable speculation online about what role Xiaomi will have at Google I/O.

The theory that seems to have gained most traction is that Xiaomi will partner with Google to produce a new Nexus Player.

ASUS released the original Nexus Player – a set-top box for video content and gaming – back in November 2014.