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Yandex attracting more Android searches in Russia

Yandex has claimed that is has made gains when it comes to searches completed on Android devices, in its home market of Russian. The search engine company has said that it now accounts for around 40 percent of Android searches in Russia.

The scale of Yandex’s market share increase is not clear, as the company has not provided any previous data for comparison.

Russia is an unusual market in that it is one of the very few places on earth where Google has a genuine competitor when it comes to search. On a blog associated with Birmingham City University’s Future Media course, it is noted that Yandex enjoys some language-specific advantages over Google, in its response to search queries.

Last year, Yandex won an antitrust case against Google, in Russia. As a result, Yandex has been able to conclude deals with manufacturers for its own services to be shipped on Android devices.

Google’s services still maintain pride of place on the primary home screen. However, Yandex is now able to distribute its own alternatives on the second or third home screen.

Once the ruling by the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS) is enforced, Yandex hopes to be able to have its services pre-installed on the main home screen of Android devices. But Google is appealing the FAS decision, with another hearing set to take place in August.

Even if competition regulators were to make similar rulings against Google in other locations, the effects would not mirror those seen in Russia. That is because in many other countries, Google’s nearest search competitor typically has a market share of around 2-4%.

[via Bloomberg]