Yotaphone 2

Yotaphone 3 to cost €350 and include E Ink screen

Russian smartphone maker Yota is set to complete its comeback to the mobile market, with a new device that will sell for the equivalent of around €350/£275/$350. The Yotaphone 3 will retain the unique dual screen set-up, which has featured on previous devices from the company.

The last Yotaphone device released went on sale back in December 2014. Last year Yota then reappeared, at a time when it seemed that the company was dormant, selling a heavily-discounted Yotaphone via a number of Chinese retailers.

At a price point equivalent to approximately €350, the Yotaphone 3 will include 64 GB storage. There will also be a 128 GB model that will sell for the equivalent of approximately €400/£350/$450.

Although there has been other smartphones that have featured a second screen, the standout aspect of the Yotaphone second display is that is uses E Ink technology. It is the same type of screen that is used by many e-readers, and delivers considerably better power efficiency than a standard smartphone display.

Aside from the E Ink screen and internal storage details, little else is known about the specs of the Yotaphone 3. The device will reportedly be available in China from September, as well as being offered on a pre-order basis in Russia at around the same time.

Previous Yotaphone devices have been available in many countries throughout the world. However, in the case of the Yotaphone 3, it is not clear whether the smartphone will receive a full international release.

[via Liliputing]